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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

- Saint Augustine

I always enjoyed being on the other side of the lens. Destroying attempts of my father to make group or family pictures I started borrowing the camera. With digital sensors, I enjoyed the technical side of shooting but also developed an eye for aesthetics and composition. 


Camera around my neck followed me more and more through my studies of business administration. Either through local events of Internation Student Club or when I was abroad myself. Behind the polar circle in Finland or later in Iceland. And that's how my passion for Nordics and travelling developed. This snowy photo above might be not a coincidence (One of the national parks, in my home country, Slovakia).  


When I am able to capture the key moments during the parties and events, the unique spirit of places, authentic emotions of people and their cultures, that's what makes me happy.

Find out more about me on the blog or feel free to contact me!

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